Syntactic Structures of the World's Languages

As of 9/27/2017 This site will no longer be used for data entry or administrative purposes.

The SSWL database has migrated permanently to its new home at Terraling
Please reset your password on Terraling (sign in with your username), and reset your password to access SSWL.

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SSWL is a searchable database that allows users to discover which properties (morphological, syntactic, and semantic) characterize a language, as well as how these properties relate across languages. This system is designed to be free to the public and open-ended. Anyone can use the database to perform queries.

To learn more about the objectives of SSWL, please visit the original workshop site or watch our tutorial video.

To read about early updates, please visit our Google Group, (which is no longer actively used).

This site hosts the original prototype SSWL, launched June 1 2009. In the near feature, the database will migrate to Terraling, the next generation of the linguistic explorer project. (same database, different code, faster and more powerful search functions). A new user interface is in development.